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China National Complete Plant Import and Export Group Corporation Limited (COMPLANT) signed a contract for strategic cooperation with Tialoc Group. The chief of the two Groups and officials from Chinese Ambassador in Singapore and Singapore Economic Development Bureau attended the signing ceremony.

Christoph ENGEL, the Executive Director of Tialoc, said in his welcome speech that the Tialoc Group will continue to exploit its advantage in patent and project managing and work with the COMPLANT to explore new market and obtain a new increase.

Liu Yan, the President of the COMPLANT said that the COMPLANT, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SDIC Group, is an important platform for the SDIC Group to do international business. The Tialoc Group, rooted in Southeast market for many years, is a powerful international company with strong core competitiveness and excellent management team. She said the two Groups have common international vision, background, performance, and experience and are complementary in many aspects, like strategy, market, business, qualification, etc. The two companies will cooperate intensively in strategy and business with a belief of mutual respect, highly trust and fully collaboration.

It is leaned that Southeast Asia has become a drive for the global infrastructure industry. Environment protection is newly-defined strategic increase of Singapore. The cooperation of the two Groups will contribute more to the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

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