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SINGAPORE, April 4 (Xinhua) -- When Wang Quancheng, head of the Singapore Hua Yuan Association, coordinated the association's donation of personal protective supplies to the medical workers in China two months ago, he didn't anticipate he would receive some from the Chinese side one day.

His association, grouping new immigrants from China to Singapore, has just been presented ten thousand medical facial masks from Xiamen City in southeast China's Fujian Province. It was sent amid the city state has witnessed over 1,000 COVID-19 confirmed cases, and the government has announced to close off non-essential workplaces and place home-based learning for students from primary schools to universities for one month starting next week.

"We are very grateful, for it's like receiving charcoal in a snowy day," Wang said in his social media Wechat post.

The masks were jointly presented by the Xiamen Overseas Friendship Association, Xiamen People's Government Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs and Xiamen Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. The background of the poster with the mailing address on, is the beautiful scenery of Xiamen, a renowned tourist attraction and home of many overseas Chinese.

"If you are fine, then everyday would be a sunny day for me," these words are also written on the poster.

"Because of you, wherever we go is full of sunlight, "the association echoed Friday in its official social media account on these masks from China, adding that they would distribute the facial masks together with the love they bear to its members and those needy in Singapore.

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