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On Feb.26 afternoon, the signing ceremony of cooperation projects of the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity was held in Beijing. The number of the signed projects was up to 10, and the total contract amount is about 1.44 billion US dollars, involving financial services, transportation, logistics, information, telecommunication and other fields.

The mayor and vice mayor of Chongqing city Zhang Guoqing and Liu Guiping, and the minister of Singapore’s Prime Minister office and other officers attended the signing ceremony.

The signed projects included two financial services projects, trade financing innovation cooperation projects with Export International Factoring and cross-border financial innovation business projects respectively; three transportation and logistics projects, the multimodal transport demonstration base project, the interconnection logistics development platform, the Chongqing-Singapore-Europe international multimodal joint venture cooperation project.

Three Information and communication projects are respectively, ZBJ.COM overseas (Singapore) services crowdsourcing platform construction project, the Sino-Singapore enterprise big data service platform project of SocialCredits, the Sino-Singapore ICT enterprise accelerator project. Two projects in other areas, Singapore Raffles (Chongqing) International General Hospital project and the Sino-Singapore international personnel training and cooperation projects of the cooperation center.

It is reported that the total amount of ten projects signed is about 1.44 billion US dollars. Reporters learned that many of them were settled in Chongqing, mainly in the Liangjiang New District. ZBJ.COM overseas (Singapore) services crowdsourcing platform construction project was settled in Singapore. Particularly, it is noteworthy that the China-Singapore (Chongqing) multimodal demonstration base project sited at Yufu industrial development zone, Chongqing Liangjiang New District. The first phase of the project has a planning area of 500 acres, with the expected total investment of 1.5-2 billion yuan, relying on the Yuzui railway station and the Guoyuan port to develop various business and construct multimodal transport monitoring center and information platform, to build the upper reaches of the Yangtze River to become the largest multimodal transport integrated transport hub and logistics trade distribution center.

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