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KUALA LUMPUR, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- Malaysia's natural rubber production increased 1.6 percent year-on-year to 53,019 tonnes in November 2019, official data showed Wednesday.

Malaysian Statistics Department said in a statement that on monthly basis, the natural rubber production grew 9.3 percent from 48,528 tonnes in October.

Exports of Malaysia's natural rubber fell 6.2 percent month-on-month to 47,888 tonnes in November last year. China remained the primary export destination, accounted for a share of 46.7 percent of total exports.

Stocks of natural rubber rose 14.5 percent month-on-month to 216,414 tonnes in November. In terms of average prices, latex concentrate price increased 3.5 percent month-on-month to 440.55 sen per kilogram. Standard Malaysian Rubber 20 price also rose 5.5 percent to 566.12 sen per kilogram.

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